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Auto Wiring Harness Department

This department is equipped with a professional and experienced R&D team, with 18 engineering technicians, 5 engineers all committed to excellence. The 5 engineers are all able to design wire harnesses and related components, four of them are directly involved in the research and development of products. Not only that, but 30% of our employees are intermediate or expert level technicians and have a strong ability to design and develop new and exciting wire products.

From product design to technical documents organization, we implement an integrated computer management system and establish database. The huge database includes auto electrical principles, different types of connector clips, raw materials and circuit adjustment and correcting method. This easy to access system allows for the open communication and data sharing across enterprise levels.

With 30 years of rich experience in optical cable manufacturing, we successfully designed and developed low-voltage cables and high-voltage cables for automatic vehicles with incredible quality and lower prices compared to the competition. We also work with many reliable companies to develop series of high-voltage connector clips and related components for passenger cars. It enriches our product catalog, widens our business scope and enhances the overall competitiveness of the enterprise. Our company keeps moving forward thanks to innovation and internationalization.

The auto wiring harnesses we produce include ABS wire harnesses, electronic fuel injection engine wires, dashboard wires, door control system wiring harnesses, ABS harnesses, car airbag harnesses, headlight harnesses, cooling fan harnesses, and starter motor harness.

  • The KOMAX wire cutting machine is imported from Switzerland, with a working efficiency 5 times that of normal cutting machines
  • The worker is connecting the wiring harness with a terminal
  • Pre-assemble
  • According to the 1:1 design drawing offered by client, we start assembling the wiring harness
  • When the assemblage is all done, a circuit test will be run to ensure the product quality


  • Low voltage power cable used for automobile
  • High voltage Connector Clip
  • Automobile wire harness
  • Refrigerator wire harness
  • Aluminum alloy power line
  • Aluminum alloy power line
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