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Aluminum Alloy Workshop

We are equipped with an entire production line that can process wires and cables from aluminum ingots, aluminum alloy rods to aluminum alloy cable.

The dual-chamber furnace has a capacity of 15 tons. Under 750 ℃, it has an aluminum melting speed of 5 tons per hour. Two heat preserving furnaces are also purchased, with a capacity of 10 tons and a maintained temperature of 740°-760°.
The degassing process is used to get rid of hydrogen in the aluminum alloy.

Shown here is China's most advanced continuous casting and rolling machinery for aluminum alloys. 15 rolling machines work simultaneously and produce 9.5, 12, 15mm aluminum alloy rods.

Winding machine
This large-scale wire drawing machine is designed with 13 models and is able to process 1.8-4.8mm aluminum alloy wires.

The annealing furnace plays a vital role in eliminating the stress of aluminum alloy wire and increasing the ductility capacity.

Finished aluminum alloy rods and wires

Manufacture Techniques