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300/500V LSOH Low Smoke Halogen Free Cable Control Cable

Control Cable/ Sheathed Cable/ Copper Conductor

Copper Conductor, PVC Insulated, Braiding Shielded, PVC/Silicon Rubber Sheathed Flexible Control Cable GB9330-1988,IEC,DIN,BS,450/750V AC.

Conductor: Bare copper strands
Insulation: Halogen-Free Thermoplastic
Color Code: Black conductors with consecutive numbers; green-yellow earth wire from 3 conductors
Stranding: In layers Wrapping: PETP foil
Screen: Tinned copper braiding
Jacket Material: Halogen Free Thermoplastic
Jacket Color: Gray

Temperature Range (Burning Characteristics)
No flame propagation, flame retardant and self-extinguishing
Static: -40/+85 °C
Flexing: -30/+85 °C
Corrosivity: No development of corrosive conflagration gases
Flexibility: Good Weather Resistance: Good

Halogen Free Control Cable Applications
The halogen free control cable with overall copper screen is a halogen free, tinned copper braid, multi-conductor, flexible control cable with a smaller OD for tighter installations designed for use in all electrical equipment in dry, damp and wet conditions. An overall tinned copper braid is recommended whenever electrical interference distorts signal transmission, or when EMI emissions need to be suppressed. Recommended applications include machine tools, assembly lines, controls systems, data processing equipment, connections between control panels and machines, CNC machining centers, grinding machines and bottling equipment. In case of fire, no corrosive gases are produced.

Halogen Free Control Cable Technical Data
Nominal Voltage: Uo/U 300/500 V
Testing Voltage: 3000 V
Minimum Bending Radius:
Fixed Installation: 7.5 x O.D.
Free Movement:6 x O.D.

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