WDZ XLPE Insulated Power Cable

Stranded Conductor/ Insulated Cable/ Transmission Cable

Product Application
It is suitable to use for transmission and distribution electric circuit with rated voltage up to 35kV in various fields such as nuclear power station, tunnel, broadcasting station, television station and so on.

1. Fire proof, halogen free, low smoke, no toxicity, no corrosion and so on.
2. Five-core power cable is suitable for use in three-phase five-wire transmission and distribution power systems. Separating the neutral wire from the ground wire, the insulated power cable provides stable operation of the system and safety for the operator. Moreover, since the five-core power cable is designed in a special tile form, the cable has many features such as a stable structure, lightweight, and small outer diameter.

Technical parameters
1. Conductor DC resistance shall meet the stipulation in GB/T3956.
2. At the temperature of 90℃,its insulation resistance constant shall not be less than 3.67MΩ·km, and its volume resistivity shall not be less than 1012Ω·cm.
3. Smoke density shall meet the requirements stipulated in GB/T17651.2, and its light transmittance shall not be less than 60%.
4. Testing for the halogen acid gas content shall be in accordance with the stipulations in GB/T17650.2; pH value shall not be less than 4.3; electric conductivity shall not be more than 10μS/mm.
5. Flame-retardant properties shall be in accordance with the requirements of bunched flame testing stipulated in GB/T18380.3.

Type and Designation
Type Designation Standard
WDZ-YJY、WDZ-YJLY Copper (aluminum) core XLPE insulation halogen-free low smoke flame-retardant power cable Q/321023K
Type No. of Cores KV Rated Voltage
A B C D 0.6/1 1.8/3 3.6/6、6/6、 6/10、8.7/10 8.7/15 18/20-26/35
Nominal cross-section mm 2
WDZ-YJY、WDZ-YJLY 1 2.5~1000 10~1000 25~1200 35~1200 50~1200
WDZ-YJY33、WDZ-JLY33 10~1000 10~1000 25~1200 35~1200 50~1200
WDZ-YJY43、WDZ-JLY43 10~1000 10~1000 25~1200 35~1200 50~1200
3+1 4 5 3+2
2.5~300 10~300 25~300 - -
4~300 - - - -
4~300 - - - -
4~300 - - - -
4~300 - - - -
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