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Aluminium Alloy Power Cable
    1. AA-8000 Interlocked Armor Power Cable This cable is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with voltage ratings of 35kV and below. For indoor and outdoor use, it can be buried directly or laid in underground ducts. The alloy cables can be installed vertically as well.
    1. 8030 Aluminum Alloy Cable The ZB-ACWU90 (-40) aluminum alloy cable is a highly flexible, self-locking aluminum armored distribution cable. The cable has been assembled with highly flexible self-locking aluminum armor and is sealed with a PVC sheath.
    1. AA-8000 MC Cable Conductor: creep resistance, high toughness, high extension bottom rebound stable connection I3.nsulation: high temperature, anti- burning, anti-aging, strong and durable, low-carbon environment.
    1. XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Aluminum Alloy Cable Armor: Economic superior performance, a special form of self-locking, rugged tough .
      Sheath: using lead-free cadmium PVC, can be installed in wet locations, may use buried or laid in cement.