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Overhead Conductor / Cable
    1. Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) The rated tensile strength of AAC is denoted with the result of the total cross-section of all aluminum conductors multiplied by the main tensile of corresponding sizes specified in the standard for aluminum wire.
    1. 1KV/10KV Insulated Overhead Cable Short circuit (maximum continuous period no more than 5S) maximum temperature of cable: PVC insulation 160℃, XLPE insulation 250℃.
    1. All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) The spacing between all aluminum conductors is short and their supports are installed close together. These aluminium conductors are made up of one or more aluminum wire strands depending on their usage and installation.
    1. All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC) The basic composition of this alloy is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon mixture that is known in Europe as Almelec or Aldrey. After drawing they undergo a thermal treatment at 170 degrees Celsius.