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All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC)

Aluminum Alloy Cables/ Alloy Wires/ Aluminum Conductors

AAAC conductors are made up of stranded alloy wires in concentric layers. The center wire or wires that form the core are made form an aluminum alloy. The basic composition of this alloy is an aluminum-magnesium-silicon mixture that is known in Europe as Almelec or Aldrey. After drawing they undergo a thermal treatment at 170 degrees Celsius.

Thes alloy cables feature high electrical conductivity (min 53% IACS) and they feature excellent corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio. This is an improvement over ACSR conductors on an equal diameter basis.

In regards to aluminum, the wires of this alloy have double the tensile strength. Its electrical conductivity is 15% lower(53% instead of 61%) and the weight is the same. By making use of these characteristics, in many cases an alloy conductor can replace the ACSR conductors with a similar installation cost.

Main applications
Low, medium, high and very high voltages lines.


Composition Final modulus of elasticity mpa Coefficient of linear expansion/°c
7 19 37 61 91 127 62000 60000 57000 54000 52000 50500 23x10 -6 23x10 -6 23x10 -6 23x10 -6 23x10 -6 23x10 -6

According to IEC1089,also can do by standard of ASTM B399, BS3242, DIN48201 or other standards.

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