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1KV,10KV Insulated Overhead Cable

Power Cables/ Overhead Line/ Insulated Power Cable

The 1KV, 10KV insulated overhead cable is used for AC rated voltage in 1/10KV power distribution line systems.

Product Characteristics
1. Operational performances
1) Rated voltage 0.6/1KV, 10KV
2) Allowable long-term working temperature of conductor: PVC insulation ≤70℃, XLPE insulation ≤90℃
3) Short circuit (maximum continuous period no more than 5S) maximum temperature of cable: PVC insulation 160℃, XLPE insulation 250℃
4) Cable laying temperature≥-20℃, when temperatue is lower than -20℃, the cable should be preheated

2. Main electric performance
Rated voltage(KV) Insulation resistance not less than MΩ/KM
10(ordinary insulation) 1500
10(light type insulation) 1000
10(thick insulation) 1800

Laying condition
Copper core Al core steel core
(reinforced Al stranded core)
JKLGV(BLVWG or BLGVW) PVC insulated overhead cable Fixed overhead laying or used as drop wire,only used for voltage 0.6/1KV
JKYJ JKLYJ JKLGYJ XLPE insualted overhead cable Fixed overhead laying or used as drop wire,When laying,should consider a certain distance between cable and trees ,when the cable is working,allow cables touch trees frequently,allow low laying
JKYJ/Q JKLYJ/Q JKLGYJ/Q XLPE insulated light type overhead cable
JKYJ/J JKLYJ/J JKLGYJ/J XLPE insulated thick overhead cable

1. 1KV insulated overhead cables are 1,2 or 4 cores with 10-400mm2 ;10KV insulated overhead cable is mainly single core, with 16-400mm2
2. Choosing steel reinforced steel core according to the tensile strength of steel reinforced Al stranded wire

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